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If your property was damaged or you were injured in the West Coast wildfires, we’re here to protect your rights. Contact us to find out if you have a claim for compensation.

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ClassAction.com and Abogados.com sponsored a free event for wildfire victims. The workshop addressed and answered questions regarding health concerns, insurance claims, and the environmental impact stemming from the West Coast wildfires.

Watch footage from speakers like environmental advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., psychologist & disaster relief therapist Richard Zimmer, forensic fire investigators Robert Schall and Dr. Ray Franco, and more. Watch videos.

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The West Coast wildfires have scorched millions of acres of land across California, Oregon, and Washington. Tragically, the blazes have toppled homes and businesses, and claimed dozens of lives.

Recovering from a disaster of this magnitude can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered resources for wildfire victims to help answer your questions about everything from filing insurance claims to the environmental impact of natural disasters such as these.

If you sustained property damage or an injury as a result of the West Coast wildfires, we’re here to help.

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